Monday, February 13, 2017

holding pattern.

We are raring to go, but we are having a few issues that need to be dealt with before we head to the Bahamas.

The other night I woke up to use the head and realized I hadn’t heard the bilge pump run in quite some time. It’s not a loud, obtrusive noise by any means, just part of the soundtrack of our lives on the boat. And I couldn’t recall when it was last heard. So I got up and turned it off and on (sometimes the switch gets accidentally turned off because of it’s proximity to the galley and all the movement that is constantly happening in there). No go. The automatic setting wasn’t working. Luckily the manual setting works just fine and we’ve been running it every few hours since then. We had just purchased it in October so it was still under it’s 3 year warranty. The new one arrived on Friday and Josh installed it yesterday. 

And the other problem we are having is with the engine. This Yanmar was mostly brand new when we purchased the boat, with only 50 hours on it. Now it has 500 but an engine this new shouldn’t have any issues with regular maintenance being done on it, which Josh is vigilant about. But when we try to start it, we are having some difficulty. After replacing the batteries before we departed, replacing the starter 4 times now, and plenty of sleuthing, we are seeking a professional opinion. Both Josh and the mechanic think it may be a bad fuel injector but hopefully we will see come Tuesday.

Once those things get fixed/replaced, we will be heading south for the crossing. Can’t wait!

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