Wednesday, January 30, 2013

a note about our mission.

There are plenty of cruising blogs out there, I know. We've certainly read our share. There is something very, very important missing from all of the ones we've found. Transparency.

When it came down to living out this dream, we wanted to know the nuts and bolts of what it would take to make it happen. Josh has been covering the technical aspects (outfitting, upgrades, DIY upgrades, etc.) and I'm in charge of comfort and provisioning and all the travel stuff. He's done a stellar job of pricing out the things that we can handle before we leave. I, on the other hand haven't fared so well. Sure, I can find out how much groceries and supplies generally cost stateside but the further reaches are a bit of a mystery. How much does it cost to pass through the Panama Canal? How much is a six pack of beer in the Bahamas? THAT is what we want to know. 

We aren't offended by the money questions. For people who live the lifestyle we plan to live, that sort of knowledge is immeasurably helpful. I need to know how much hoses for a septic plumbing fix cost in Barbuda. How can you undertake such a lifestyle change such as becoming a cruiser without weighing the risks and costs, especially when they lie in foreign ports?? So, our pledge is to be utterly transparent beginning now. I'm proud of our frugality and will happily share that knowledge for the mission of educating those on the brink of stepping into this great adventure too. Once we get closer, I'll post some excel type graphics of costs of repairs, provisioning lists, gear purchases, etc. For now, if you have questions, let me know. I don't think there is any impropriety in being transparent about our financials and I'd be happy to answer any such questions.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

365 and counting.

In an effort to 1. become a better photographer, 2. keep my momma and friends apprised of the goings on of one of her city dwelling kiddos, and 3. be sure to keep the blog going, including projects and musings about life, I am starting a 365 photo a day project. I did it successfully once before and this year is going to be way better. I want to be a better photographer and storyteller and I think this'll be the best avenue for me. So, going forward, look for pics here as we'll as at my Flickr account. Happy 2013!