Tuesday, August 28, 2012

survey says....

Our survey, which took 10 hours over 2 days ("thorough" is the word of the day if you plan to make such a huge purchase and want to know without a doubt that your future home will, in fact, float while you are living aboard it) turned up various issues on the boat we are under contract to buy. Some of them we knew about and some were a surprise (not the good kind, mind you!). We used a gentleman out of Green Bay, WI named Ben Miller (who I highly recommend. I am happy to pass along his contact info for those in the market for a survey.) and after lots of discussing with him and between us, we approached the seller/brokerage with our list of "issues". We fully expected they would fix at least the very minimum problems in order to move forward with the sea trial. Those issues were more safety and structural in nature and ABSOLUTELY HAD to be addressed before putting the boat in the water, mast up, sails on, etc. Surprise of surprises, they have agreed to fix almost all of the items on the list! We should hear back today or tomorrow about the schedule of the maintenance and when we can get her into the water to complete the sea trial. We are beyond excited with the response and are already making our own little "to do" list of things we want to upgrade once she is ours :-)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Windtraveler: Cruising Swag: A Giveaway!

Our friends over at Windtraveler, Brittany, Scott, & Isla are giving away some swag! Talk about perfect gifts for the boat owner in your life! Even if I don't win the swag, I think I'll perhaps invest in some polos for Josh and myself emblazoned with the name of the new boat! Check this place out! Boatnamegear.com

Windtraveler: Cruising Swag: A Giveaway!: When Scott and I raced in Chicago, it was always cool to race on a boat that provided their crew with gear.  You know - shirts, hats, jac...

Saturday, August 11, 2012

sale pending.

As this process has been progressing, it seems slow to an unbelievably impatient person such as myself. I've been trying to tell myself that good things come to those who wait and in that I've been contenting myself with the little things--one of which is the photo below. We've been waiting and checking every day for the listing for the boat to change to "sale pending". It's small but I'll take it :-)

Next up is a marine survey including the rigging, scheduled for Monday and the sea trial scheduled for Friday. Unfortunately, I will be in Vegas for the sea trial but if all goes well we'll be closing on her the following week and be enjoying the last of summer on her by the weekend!