Monday, February 6, 2017

a day in the life

When I woke up this morning, I had rolled all the way up against the screen door of my bed that Mommy and Daddy shut after I fall asleep. I told Daddy I didn't want him to open it; I wanted Mommy to open it, but she was at the farmer's market, so I let Daddy open it.

Daddy took me potty on the big toilet, but we put my seat on it so I can sit all by myself without falling in. After that, I put on my big-boy pants and played with Daddy. I got my Roary that I sleep with and made Daddy pretend like he was asleep, then I would ring the bell and wake him up. It was a lot of fun! Daddy gets very surprised when he wakes up!

Mommy came back from the farmers market and brought some fresh veggies and some bagels. I love to eat bagels. My favorite kind is rainbow bagels, but I've only had those once when we were in New York City.

I played with some of my cars while Mommy helped Daddy untie the boat from the dock. After that, I helped Mommy fix a bagel for me and a bagel for Daddy. Daddy was up driving the boat, so I helped Mommy make him a cup of coffee too. I ate half a bagel all by myself and a bunch of grapes. I love grapes. Mommy also turned a movie on while I was eating and she did a bunch of jumping and lunging. She kept picking up her heavy weight and putting it back down. Sometimes, I do push-ups with Mommy.

Daddy told us that there were dolphins jumping, so we went up to watch them play. I like trying to spot the dolphins in the water. We get to see them almost every day now. It was really pretty outside, so Mommy and I decided to stay outside with Daddy while he drove the boat. I had to wear my boat-coat, because that's the rule. Mommy got the paints out and helped me paint a white ball that Daddy got for me. I like to mix the colors and make new colors.

There are a lot of fun things to play with outside on the boat. Mommy and I played with Daddy's big binoculars. I like to pretend like they are drums. Daddy has a shiny bell and I can take it apart all by myself. Sometimes I need help putting it back together again. I like to turn turn turn the bolt on the top of it. I also made Mommy and Daddy some drinks with the lens covers from Daddy's binoculars. They drank lots of drinks that I made them.

After a lot of playing outside, Mommy went downstairs to make lunch and I wanted to go with her to help. I love to help Mommy in the galley. Mommy let me watch a movie while I ate my lunch. The movie had minions in it. I love watching minion movies.

When I was done eating, Mommy went up to drive so Daddy could come downstairs and he took me to the potty so I could get ready to take a nap. I don't like taking a nap. I wanted to keep watching the movie. Daddy went back upstairs and Mommy came down and she laid down with me. We get to take a nap in Mommy's bed. I tried to get Mommy to let me keep playing when we got in bed, but she made me lay down. I ended up falling asleep eventually.

When I woke up, Mommy wasn't in bed with me anymore. Mommy was playing her ukulele. The boat was quiet and it didn't feel like we were moving anymore. Daddy came up and played pillow fight with me and said we were anchored in a new place. I wanted to go for a ride in the gray boat, but Daddy wanted to go for a ride in the yellow boat. Daddy put on his boat coat and I put on my boat coat. I wasn't sure I wanted to go for a ride with Daddy, but then he said there was a new playground, so I decided I should go and check that out.

I went for a long boat ride with Daddy. We saw lots of boats. There were some yucky boats. I showed Daddy all the yucky boats and I counted all the boats. There were one-two-three-four-five.

We got to the dock and Daddy and I went to the playground. I had a lot of fun! I played on the slide and the swings and there was a boat on the playground. I made Daddy drive the big playground boat. When we saw the sky turn rainbow colors, Daddy asked me what that meant. I told him it meant that it's night night time, so we had to say bye-bye to the playground and take the little yellow boat back to the big boat.

When we got back to the boat, Daddy and I told Mommy all about the playground. I got to help Mommy make dinner too. She let me help her with cutting onions with the knife. I can't use a knife by myself yet. Daddy and I played with my school bus and with the great big sweet potatoes while mommy finished making dinner. We watched a movie on daddy's computer while we ate.

When all the food was gone, Mommy said it was time to brush my teeth and get ready for bed, but I wanted to keep watching the movie. Mommy said if I go potty and brush my teeth, we could watch a little more movie while I put on my pajamas, so I went with her and went real fast. I got to watch Lightning McQueen race Doc after I finished brushing my teeth. After that, Mommy said it was time to get in bed. I tried to tell her I wanted to eat more, so I could stay up and watch the movie, but she said it was done for the night.

When Mommy and Daddy finally convinced me that it was time for bed, I gave Mommy and Daddy smooches and snuggles and climbed into my bed all by myself. Mommy tucked me in and covered me with my blankets. Sometimes I play when I get in bed, but I have to do it quiet otherwise Daddy will shut the door and I like to fall asleep with the door open. Mommy and Daddy get to stay up later than me because they're big. I'm going to be big some day too and then I'll get to stay up too. I'm going to be just like Mommy and Daddy when get big.

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Hannah said...

This is so sweet! Love hearing about a day from a two-year-old's perspective.