Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Ted Brewer (source: tedbrewer.com)
Surprise of surprises, we found out that the designer of the hopefully-soon-to-be-ours boat is available for consultations on boats he has designed! For a fee, you can contact him directly and ask questions, get advice and talk about pretty much anything relating to his designs. Since there were a few issues with the boat we are looking to purchase and were feeling a little nervous about proceeding without some expert advice, Josh took a shot and emailed him to see about setting up a consultation. He laid out what our issues are (rotted board in the transom storage locker divider—why they used wood in a locker is a mystery; damage on the hull due to improper winter storage—not enough braces for a boat of that size) and inquired exactly how to go about beginning the process. Lo and behold, Ted addressed our issues with a single email with enough information to make us feel confident in moving forward with making an offer. Major bonus? He helped us out for free. Yay for awesome boat people!
As Josh is traveling today/tomorrow, we'll discuss our magic number and submit an offer by the end of the week (which, will be contingent on estimates for repairs needed).

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