Tuesday, December 13, 2016

photo dump from liberty island to solomons, md.

We finally have wifi!! I didn't realize how much we depend on it to communicate until we set off on this journey, but I will tell you, crappy wifi makes photo uploading a nightmare. So, as promised, a day late and a dollar short, here are photos (with captions, even!) from my last journey post from Liberty Island to Solomons, MD.


Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

Atlantic City by night,

watercolor sunrise and one other boat. also, our first dip in the Atlantic on Interlude.

fishing boat in Cape May

buoy and (boat for scale) in Delaware Bay.

boat on a boat in Delaware Bay.

the size and type of boat passing us in the C & D Canal.

anchored in Annapolis,

narrow little streets in downtown Annapolis.

capitol building in Annapolis.

crab cakes in Solomons!!


Chris Kuypers said...

Thanks for posting the pictures!! I especially loved the last one :) The crabcakes of course. Looked delicious! Thinking of all the challenges you faced and continue to do so is very very inspiring to me. Having raised 3 sons, I can only begin to understand the challenges of having your beautiful Foz onboard with you. Right now I have this to add...WISHING YOU FAIR WINDS AND FOLLOWING SEAS!

Hannah said...

These are gorgeous! That crab cake...whoa.