Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Sometimes it's hard to know when to hit pause. We've been at this for a month and a half straight (minus my short trip home) and it is wearing. We move every day or two, pulling up the anchor or untying from the dock. We get showers occasionally and do laundry, fill water and fuel tanks and provision at the grocery store even less frequently. It's a life on the move. We are up with the sun, pulling out of small anchorages where we rarely even set foot off the boat. Sometimes we have wifi and sometimes we are completely unplugged (which is sometimes a blessing and sometimes isolating). And when you are pretty much self sufficient, carrying most everything you could ever need, it's easy to want to keep pushing forward.  Cruising is part camping, part traveling circus, part road trip. And it requires patience and flexibility which can be hard to have some days when things just aren't going just right. 

After a little engine trouble on a very choppy day on the Chesapeake yesterday, we have pulled into a marina in Reedville, Va. and here we will stay for the next week. The plan had been to leave today after waiting for some fuel filters to come in but it wasn't right. We are exhausted. It's time for a rest. We are in a rather remote area (but with quick wifi, hallelujah!) of northern Virginia in a quiet creek at a tiny marina. It should do nicely to unplug and regroup for a few days. There are a couple of projects that will be completed on the boat while we are here so it won't be totally relaxing but should provide us with some time to regroup, refocus and breathe before pressing on. We are anxious to see some friends further down south and are looking forward to being reunited. 

In the interim, I'll try to post some of the backlog of posts I've got going and tell you about some of the projects we've got going. 

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