Tuesday, September 27, 2016

and now, something completely different...new series! he said...she said

Hello internet and real friends! Just a quick check in and a new post. We are well on our way, as you can see by the map tab at the top of our page. As you may have guessed, we have had lots of hands-free and minds-free time, plenty of hours to wax poetic about our journey. As a result, we have decided to start a new series that will be strictly narrative about our travels written from both perspectives. And did I mention it'll be in third person? Ha! Hopefully you guys won't find it tiresome. The plan is to keep it going until at least NYC. From there we'll reassess, as we will have our munchkin back on board and our free time will not be quite so free anymore. For now, enjoy.

Chapter 1 of the he said...she said chronicles.

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016 at 12:15 PM, the autumnal equinox, they slipped the dock lines for the final time from Reefpoint Marina. Some good friends helped push them off from the fuel dock and they motored out of the Root River for the final time.

Fishermen were busy trying to catch the salmon as they were returning to the river signaling the end of summer and the start of fall.

Josh and Ann waited an extra day for some weather to pass through before taking off. The winds were favorable today though. They were out of the South and were pushing Interlude along nicely on gentle waves. The sun was trying to burn through the clouds, but not quite succeeding. The crew was expecting the wind to back out of the North the evening. The plan was to get some distance east before that happened. According to the weather charts, it looked like the Michigan coast would be more favorable.

Ann and Josh were both nervous that morning. They'd done Lake Michigan, it is not that. But leaving the marina this time signals the transition from what they'd known to the new.

Change is a scary thing and it has stopped more than its share of people from following their dreams. Casting off the dock lines and sailing off into the unknown. We're here. We're "out there". Leaving port is the baby step. The start of a journey of a thousand miles.


A sense of trepidation filled her belly. Mind racing, she mentally ticked off the laundry list of items to be stowed, organized and gathered. Ann was sure it was as good as it could be, but that didn't stop her from worrying. It always seemed she'd forget something. Hopefully it would be something they could live without on this first leg. 

When their friends, Pat and Dave waved a final goodbye from the fuel dock as they motored away, she couldn't help but feel the shift. After sitting at the dock in Racine for the past 6 weeks she and her boys had developed a routine, a delicate balanced dance of regularity. Naps, meals, errands, bathing and bedtime were all nestled into the 12.5 hours of waking time each day. And now they were finally throwing it out on its head.