Tuesday, May 19, 2015

surprise! we're back at it!

a sailor at only one week old!

can you even stand those gorgeous baby blues?

Annnnnd we now have a new crew member!! Meet our little guy, Fozel. No, we didn't actually name him Fozel, but in the interest in maintaining some privacy, that's what we'll be calling him on the blog. He's now almost 9 months (!!) and is an absolute joy. Who knew life could be so sweet?

As for us and Interlude, we are not back in the water yet, buuuuut Larsen is finally fixing the chainplate situation and we've done some bottom painting (more thorough post forthcoming) in the meantime. We've got plenty more in store for our lovely lady this season before we take off including: stripping more teak, replacing the head, adding a wind vane, and painting a new boot stripe/home port. Keep your eyes peeled for more posts. Can't wait to share the next steps of our big adventure.