Thursday, June 5, 2014

long time gone.

It was a long, cold winter here in the midwest. Lots and lots of snow and plenty of frigid temps keeping us huddled inside around the radiator. But I am happy to announce, it seems to be behind us? It's still not exactly summer here in Chicago but we'll take it. Especially since we were finally able to put Interlude back in the water! Yep, finally we are afloat and back at Reef Point Marina. Unfortunately, Larsen is still being pains in our rears regarding the fixing of the chainplates so that issue is still outstanding. Supposedly they'll come sometime this summer to measure and then haul her out once the chainplates have been fabricated and are ready for installation (most likely at the end of the season). But in the meantime, we have some big news to share...

There is about to be a baby onboard the Allen boat. Initially we had hoped to shove off and head to the Caribbean this August, but were pleasantly surprised right before Christmas when I found I was expecting our first baby! After years of trying and finally making peace that it just wasn't going to happen for us, SURPRISE of a lifetime,  we are a mere 11 weeks from the birth of our baby (we're waiting to find out the sex until the birth). Needless to say, since I am due in August, our date of departure has been pushed a year. It's an exciting new aspect to our plans and we couldn't be more thrilled. 

For now, it's baby bump on board, which is, in itself, providing a whole new set of exciting and exhausting challenges (like changing sheets in the v-berth and closing the head door once I'm inside). I'll try to be better about updating the blog on how being a big-bellied lady aboard a sailboat is full of adventure and keep you abreast of all the projects we're doing this season ahead of our summer 2015 departure (you know, while we still have the time and free hands to do them before baby arrives).  

Here are a few photos from this weekend of Interlude and one of the growing belly :-)