Sunday, July 28, 2013

sunday share!

Welcome to Sunday share! I'm going to be sharing some sort of "project" every Sunday in an effort to post more consistently and fill you in on what I've been working on.

This week's project is brought to you via a pinterest pin that I found a few months ago. I love reusable bags and I KNOW they'll be invaluable when we are schelpping groceries to and from Interlude on provisioning days. I've sewn a few from old signal flags in the past with great results but I wanted to attempt a different design. I'm particularly fond of the open weave ones for produce. I've seen a few variations, one using old tees (which I have yet to attempt) and at least two crocheting and knitting designs. I attempted this one. JoAnn's Fabric was having a super sale on yarn, so I got 6 skeins of the Sugar'n Cream 100% cotton yarn ($15 total. Score!), so I could make three of these bad boys. After the first go, I can see little "oopsies" I made and correct them for the next two, so over all, I think this is a winner. I started on Monday night, worked off and on through Wednesday, and finished up today. My hands were sore from another project I've got going, so my digits needed the break. Overall, I'd say I spent 7 hours? The open weave part crocheted up in a snap. I got three different colors but I am loving how the natural color looks. We'll see how it holds up after a few washes and or stains...