Friday, September 21, 2012

new shoes.

We are FINALLY closing on the boat today. In honor of the occasion I am breaking out some new shoes.

Over the years I developed "a thing" for Converse All-Stars and have amassed quite a collection. I have a few pairs of hi-tops but the majority are the low top in a rainbow array of colors. One single pair has remained unworn though. You see, when we had our first boat in San Diego, I bought a pair of orange with blue trim All-Stars as my "boat" shoes. They have non-marking soles, have plenty of traction and are unbelievably comfortable. They were worn only when we'd take the Catalina 22' out on lazy weekends on the silver strand or during the week when I was conducting sight-seeing tours of the harbor for visiting family and friends aboard her. Since we sold the boat and moved back to the midwest, they've not seen quite the wear they previously did.

Fast forward 6 years and here we are again with a new boat within our reach. I bought a pair of navy All-Stars after moving to Chicago and have kept them unworn specifically for this occasion. Now that Interlude (Yes! I can finally announce her name to the world!) is ours, my pristine Chuck Taylors and I have many years of scuffs and stains and salt water and sun bleaching days ahead of us aboard our beautiful new vessel.