Wednesday, June 11, 2008

only $30,000 to go!

I recently accepted a job to be a full-time layout and design coordinator here in the city. However, I did NOT tell my new boss that I only plan on being in Chicago for one more year. I'm trying my best to keep it on a "need to know" basis (though on a side note, I'm so excited about this new venture that I'm finding that hard to do!). The major reason I accepted this gig is the money. I won't lie. We will need money to make our dreams a reality, and fortunately for us, my money is mostly considered what Josh calls "play" money. And that means that my checks go right into the bank...more specifically into the boat fund. As of yesterday, our fund has grown to $19,999. Yep. That's right! Josh and I have grown extremely used to living a little more frugally in the past 2 years and now we have a wonderfully sized nest egg to prove it. So over the coming year, I look forward to seeing this egg hatch into our dream boat.

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